What We Do

Within the dynamic landscape of professional and grassroots sports, The Players Platform emerges as a distinctive creation by the accomplished father-son duo, Dean and Will Richards. Precision-engineered to empower players reaching for aspirations across the Premier League, Women’s Super League, non-league football, National League rugby, and even Sunday League, this bespoke platform efficiently streamlines the movement of players from all levels.

Drawing from their expertise gained through collaborations with renowned sports entities, Dean and Will bring invaluable insights to navigate the competitive landscape of sport all around the world.

The Players Platform continues to evolve  into a premier resource for football and rugby players around the world. Operating as a nexus for talent, the platform is continuously cultivating and expanding its global network by establishing meaningful relationships with clubs, players, staff, and agents around the world.

Dean and Will’s experience gained from working with renowned sports entities, equips them with the insights needed for success in the high-performance industry.

In addition to facilitating player promotions through comprehensive profile submissions, The Players Platform goes the extra mile by offering personalised video highlights reels for athletes. This forward- thinking approach amplifies a players’ visibility on social media channels.

As The Players Platform persists in its commitment to advancing talent development, it solidifies its position as a go-to resource for players and clubs alike, contributing significantly to the vibrancy of football and rugby communities worldwide.