Dean Richards a guest on talkSPORT

Dean Richards was a guest on talkSPORT’s Hawksbee & Jacobs show to explain more about the launch of The Players Platform, which has captured the interest of the rugby and football world. 

Launched in early May, the platform is designed to enable players to play at the highest level possible, whilst also assisting clubs with their recruitment process. 

Dean Richards was a guest on Hawksbee & Jacobs

Speaking exclusively to talkSPORT, Richards said: “The Players Platform is the brainchild of my son William, and it is his little baby.

“It is about giving people an opportunity – grassroots sports gets overlooked a little bit and people either want to travel or play at the highest level possible. 

“William wanted to give people that opportunity for players to promote themselves and to be what they want to be, and I thought it was a great idea.”

With the brand-new app now available to download and with players from across the world signing up, Richards has been pleased with the uptake already. 

“It’s also a platform for soccer players and there’s something like 800 million soccer players across the world, so we’re confident that we can build a strong platform in both sports,” added the former Newcastle Falcons director of rugby.

“Not everyone is represented by an agent and can promote themselves, so The Players Platform is giving grassroots sport a voice. I went over to France to play rugby when I was 18, but not everyone has that opportunity.”

As a director of rugby during his time at Leicester Tigers, Harlequins and Newcastle, Richards has seen a smattering of talent succeed with a second chance. 

“The list is endless,” added Richards. 

“People get left behind or are late developers and they get overlooked – this is the perfect platform for giving athletes the opportunity that they need.”

Working closely with his son, William, whose vision has now come to fruition, the ex-England back-row has enjoyed a strong working relationship.

“William has really pushed it and he’s pushed me and broadened my horizons.”

Players, clubs, agents and off-field staff can sign up for FREE now by clicking here.